With the bad weather approaching, you want to make sure your house can withstand it, where better to start than the roof! While we don’t typically get harsh winter conditions and snow we do get a lot of rain, this can cause a whole lot of problems in your home if your roof isn’t at its best.

Autumn is the best time to check your roof as some things wouldn't be noticeable in summer. This Autumn keep a lookout for the warning signs that your roof may need to be replaced.

1: Leaks and Water damage

Inspect the inside of your home for leaks, watermarks, and mould, as even the smallest sign could mean that water has seeped in from your roof, or that your roof has a hole or a crack. If you notice any signs of water damage get your roof checked straight away to avoid further damage.

2: Light coming through your roof

There should be no light entering your house from the roof, if this is the case it means you could have cracks or holes in your roof.

Top Tip: Check your roof as the sun is going down, turn off all the lights and look for any light coming through.

3: Mould and moss growth

Mould and moss can grow on the outside of your roof, this can push the tiles could apart and leave gaps that let water in. It is most commonly found in shaded areas of your roof. Check your roof, if you find any signs get it looked at immediately, as it could cause water damage to your roof.

4: Loose or damaged roof tiles and ridges

This is the main issue you may find that means your roof needs to be replaced. Check for damaged tiles by getting on the roof and walking around. Look out for tiles that are cracked, rotting, buckling, torn, missing, worn, curled, or loose, they will need replacing.

While your there checks the ridges, these need attention more often than the rest of the roof, as they’re at the highest point. Damaged ridges, can damage the rest of your roof. Look out for sagging areas along the ridge of your roof this is a sign of structural damage and need to be repaired as soon as possible to prevent the roof from collapsing.

5: Damaged flashing

Flashing is the material placed around objects on your roofs, such as your chimney and roof vents. It is there to prevent water from entering. Flashing may be damaged or loose letting water leak inside your walls and ceilings. Check that all flashing is secure and get any loose flashing replaced.

7: Aging roof

Unfortunately, a roof does only last so long and it comes a time when it needs to be replaced due to its age. On average you can expect your roof to last around 20 years, less if you don't do annual maintenance.

When checking for signs your roof needs to be replaced make sure to do it in daylight if you are unsure pop into our store with your concerns and we would be happy to help you!