A garden is not only there to look pretty. Transform this area into an actual living space with some tips on how to make your outdoor area look and feel larger. These tips will have your space feeling like a second bedroom in almost no time at all.

1. Move in the Right Direction

Many would consider this tip an optical illusion but it’s an effective way to make the most out of your garden. By placing your paths diagonally it will make others think the area is larger than it is. Doing this elongates the space and can be used with stones or pavers. If possible, this tip can be used for decking.

2. Elevate the Game and Think Up

If you can’t build out then think of all the ways that you can build up. Try creating an elevated or sunken patio to create the sense that your garden has more space. Even something simple like an elevated planter or a green wall can be used to make a small space look larger. A vertical garden is a unique way to have people looking upwards in awe. Thus creating a new layer of depth to a small space. If you have space, maybe consider adding a small tree to add some height.

3. Add a Pop of Colour

Create a splash with some colour. Don’t use boring colours but something nice and vibrant. It will match the warm summer vibes that you’re trying to create. Think red, orange, and yellow as more cool colours will only end up blending in with the surrounding. The idea is to make these colours stand out. The best areas to place your pop of colour is near fences.

4. Create a Focal Point

If you’re an artsy person or feeling bold, consider adding a sculpture or a something eye-catching to your backyard. We’re not thinking the traditional garden gnome but something that will grab people’s attention. A small water fountain is the easiest way to create a focal point and it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.

5. Get Seating

The whole point of making your garden feel bigger is that it’s a great opportunity to expand your living spaces. And that means providing a place to rest and relax while in the space. All you need is a few comfy chairs and maybe a lounge. Remember to get seating that is durable and can survive the rainy days!

6. Build a Plant Oasis

Surround yourself with plants! Of course, we’re not suggesting to turn your garden into a jungle but adding a few plants will help to create the idea that you’re in an oasis. Don’t settle for only one type of plant. Purchase a variety of different plants that are a mix of sizes, textures, and colours. Don’t forget to add some height!

With all of these tips, you’ll be able to turn your garden into a second living room. The perfect place to sit back and relax when the sun is bright.

For any tips or help on how to begin this transformation, call (01) 905 9355 to talk with any of our experienced staff. We’ll be happy to help!