When thinking of doors for the home, our thoughts often drift to an image of a front door. Possibly the front door from our childhood with fond memories of how warm and inviting of a presence that was created. Doors are an important part of every home but this significance extends beyond the front doors. Interior doors also have their part to play in making our living space feel complete. That’s why it’s valued shouldn’t be understated.

Doors are important for a large variety of reasons. They provide a sense of privacy, create comfortable environments, serve as a statement piece, and help to keep rooms warm. Doors also serve as security for your family in case of emergencies and can keep your energy costs low. This may not have been thought of often but doors are a part of the home that shouldn’t be ignored.

Interior Doors, when made of sturdy materials, won’t need to be replaced frequently. However, when dealing with older homes you might notice that the doors should be replaced. Signs on when to replace your door include:

Won’t close properly

Doesn’t sit properly in the frame

Has significant damage that can be easily fixed

If you notice any of these signs, then a new door is required for your home. Before buying a new door the following items need to be considered:

Door Material:

When purchasing a door they can be finished, pre-finished, primed or unfinished. Which door you decide is based on your preference. In addition to style, remember pre-finished doors are ready for you to paint while primed and unfinished doors are not.

There are many types of wood to consider when buying a door so pick the one that best suits your home. Also, don’t be afraid to buy a door that can use a coat of paint. Nothing wrong with adding a splash of colour to the entryway.

Door Construction:

When buying a new door, there are only three types of interior doors, solid wood, solid core, and hollow core.

Solid Wood: A heavy door that looks spectacular in any room but will cost more than the other two types.

Solid Core: With this door, you can get a similar style and feel without paying as much. These type of doors are constructed from a moulded composite and the exterior is made from plywood.

Hollow Core: The most affordable option in the bunch these doors are good for areas that have a lot of fluctuation in heat and humidity. Unfortunately, their lightweight feel means that they have insulation.

Door Style:

The type of door that is selected for your home can make a huge difference in appearance. This is why it's important to select a door that matches the layout of the home. There are three-door styles, panelled, flush, and glass. Panelled doors are a good option for adding a bit of contemporary flair to a traditional home. Glass and flush doors are known for helping to add some light to homes that might be a bit dim.

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