Planning a kitchen can be incredibly stressful. There are numerous things to consider and there is always the fear that some minor detail will be forgotten. Odds are that you’ve been to a friend’s house where they recently remodelled their kitchen only to have some part of the redesign creating an inconvenience for how the kitchen is used. Perhaps the cabinets are too high or the lack of storage options make the space feel cramped. When it comes to planning, an important part will be to consider some of the dilemmas that could arise following the completion of the project. With these 5 tips, you’ll be able to avoid some typical kitchen dilemmas.

Find the perfect fit:

When grabbing items in your kitchen do you find that you’re reaching too far or is the height just right? If you’re not satisfied with the height of your cabinets this is your chance to choose a height that is perfect for you. For those that are satisfied with the height of their cabinets, don’t select cabinets that are a new height. A common kitchen dilemma is realizing that the height is unsatisfactory after they’ve been added. Instead of only measuring the height of new cabinets and kitchen islands, see if it would be possible to visit a showroom. This would allow you to test everything out for yourself.

Cut it out:

Islands are a nice addition to most kitchens and provide a casual setting for people to sit and to prepare food. However, despite their many uses a common conundrum for these is having knees uncomfortably hitting the island. A simple trick for this is to install an island that will have a small insert or use a larger countertop. These 400mm will make all of the difference for providing comfort.

Lighten Up:

A common feature for all rooms is having a lot of light (emphasis usually on natural light) and this desire extends to the kitchen. Following a renovation, people may start to notice that their kitchen has gotten darker. Maybe their appliances are a darker shade or their light fixtures don’t provide the same quality of light. Avoid this common dilemma by considering light when buying new light fixtures, appliances, and choosing a new paint color. Kitchens should be well lit to help with food preparation and to create a welcoming ambiance.

Clean Up Time:

Stylish and practical do not have to be mutually exclusive terms. People often eschew practicality for style and instantly regret it. This is especially true when it comes to cleaning. Certain backsplashes, appliances, and countertops are easier to clean than others. This is something to consider if you have a young family or if you frequently host dinner parties. Prevent this future dilemma by thinking about the upkeep of everything being purchased. There’s no benefit to redoing your kitchen if it's going to look dull, dingy, and dirty in a few months.

Prevent a Traffic Jam:

The layout for a new kitchen is of great importance. This is why a frequent problem after renovating is noticing that the kitchen works great for one person but can cause a traffic jam when the whole family needs to grab something. Again, practicality needs to be prioritized over style. Before finalizing the layout, give some thought to how the kitchen will be used. When possible make the pantry and kitchen easily accessible for family members looking for a quick snack. The kitchen should always be a comfortable place for everyone to gather.

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