Taking on the mission of remodelling your kitchen is a hard, complicated, and large task that can’t be easily (or inexpensively) accomplished. Make the process a little bit simpler by following our Do’s and Don’ts.

DO Pay attention to the layout

When it comes to thinking about how to remodel your kitchen the layout is of the utmost importance. The kitchen of your dreams still needs to be functional and that needs to be prioritized over aesthetics. Every space should recognize the importance of the kitchen triangle. This means that the stove, sink, and refrigerator need to be spaced apart in a way that it forms a work triangle. While this may not always be possible this should be what you’re trying to achieve when re-doing your kitchen.

DON’T Forget about storage

You may not realize it but kitchens require a ton of storage space. Appliances need a lot of space and you’ll need to have room for an adequate refrigerator. Then there are all of the kitchen accessories that you need for preparing food like pots, pans, and dishware. After all of those items have found their rightful place, you’ll still need room for food (of course)! So while planning out everything, always have a thought in your mind about storage and thinking of where to put things.

DO Think about how you’ll use the space

Is your kitchen the go-to place for the football team after practice or is it home to young professionals that love hosting dinner parties. Take the time to determine how the kitchen will be used. If you’re someone that likes to have people over then a 4-seater table just won’t do no matter how stylish it is. This may sound repetitive but functionality is the priority for any kitchen.

DON’T Neglect lighting

The art of cooking relies heavily on visuals. Create a kitchen that is properly lighted to not only make your food look even more delicious but to prevent any unfortunate accidents with cutlery. Having ample light will also help to create the kitchen feel warmer and inviting.

DO Create a reasonable budget

The key word in that statement is reasonable. Remodelling a kitchen is not only about creating a space for you but it’s an investment in your living space. This means don’t try to cut corners but also don’t go overboard. Think about how much you can afford to undertake this project and then consider if your budget will allow you to complete the job. While remodelling, don’t forget about your budget either. There’s no point in creating one if you’re going to ignore it.

DON’T Forget the technical aspects

For some kitchens, you’re dealing with electricity, water, and gas. Part of your planning process should include placements based on where plumbing and electrical outlets could go. Don’t forget that technical aspects include window and door placement if your overhaul is going to be that expansive.

DO Get Creative

Have fun! Remodelling a kitchen is a huge project so you’re not going to do it again for a few years. Try to design a kitchen that you’ll love for years to come.

DON’T Do everything yourself

There will come a time to reach out to the experts. To prevent disaster, don’t ignore it! For all of your questions and remodelling needs, reach out to the team at (01) 905 9355. We’ll be happy to help!