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Metal Studding is suitable for use in commercial and domestic buildings where it is necessary to provide strong non-load bearing partitions. There is a wide range of thickness of partition for heights of up to 12m. The system is economical and can be erected easily on site. When installing the system it is advisable to use an electrically or battery operated screw gun or similar to speed up the installation process. It is necessary to ensure that electrical cables that pass through the studs are protected by grommets.




 The metal system is accurate & solid, and will not move over time or with changes in temperature etc. 

 There is a wide range of stud widths from 50mm to 146mm to meet the different requirements in domestic and commercial applications.

 It is a fast clean system to erect that allows services to pass through easily. 

 All sections fit together easily and doorframes are formed very simply


50mm Metal Studding

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  1. SELF TAPPERS 13mm

    Self Tappers 13MM
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