Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are a renewable source of energy and are a very cost effective way of heating your home. Wood pellets are made from compressed wood. It is vital that good quality wood pellets are bought free from sand particles as the sand particles can damage your boiler.

Wood Pellets can benefit you

Wood pellets are a convenient sustainable fuel used in thousands of wood pellet boilers and wood burning stoves in homes and businesses throughout the UK and Ireland and even across Europe and more so in North America.

Over 3,600 homes and many leisure centres, hotels, hospitals, schools, office buildings, local authorities and prisons are already enjoying the substantial financial and environmental benefits, after successfully switching from using conventional fuels to installing wood pellet boilers, fuelled with brites. There are many new types of wood pellet stoves and boilers on the market today which have vastly improved from the inefficent models that were on the market a number of years ago.

Wood pellets are manufactured using renewable energy and raw materials sourced from local, sustainably managed forests.


wood pellets

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