Knauf Ecose Insulation Loft Roll Knauf 150mm 9.18 Sqm

Knauf Ecose Insulation Loft Roll Knauf 150mm 9.18 Sqm

Knauf Insulation Loft Roll 100mm 13.91 Sqm

Knauf Ecose Insulation Loft Roll Knauf 100mm 13.91 Sqm
Price per roll.
13.89M2 per roll.
Sold per roll.

€29.22 €35.94

An A1 Non-Combustible Glass Mineral Wool roll, manufactured using Knauf Insulation's unique ECOSE® Technology, and designed specifically for use in cold lofts where pitched roofs are insulated at ceiling level. 

Excellent thermal performance

Non-combustible Euroclass A1 Reaction to Fire classification rating

Made with ECOSE® Technology which does not contain any added phenol or formaldehyde. Products made with ECOSE® are soft to touch, they generate low levels of dust and low VOCs

Combi-cut products are partially perforated rolls providing the flexibility of multiple roll widths to maximise on-site efficiency. The product can be used at widths of:
timber joists at 400mm centres or,
timber joists at 600mm centres or,
unsplit as a full width roll.

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