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Loft Walk insulation: Cost-Effective Way to Roof and Attic Space Insulation

Loft Walk insulation boards are designed to give insulation on decking for lofts. These fittings allow easy access for maintenance and roof storage. We offer high performance insulated loft boards that provide optimum insulation value and comply with British health and safety guidelines.

If you are planning to upgrade attic insulation, buy Loft Walk from genuine brands at These laminated high performance insulation comes with optimum moisture resistant chipboard. Hence, it gives a safe access to roof space as well as maintaining a high insulation value.

The boards are butt-jointed. Shop for genuine loft insulation products at budget price. This is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to insulate the roof space.

More about Loft Walk Insulation

Loftwalk insulation for your attic space.

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  1. LOFT WALK INSULATION 75mm Polyiso Insulation and 11mm chipboard (4 x 2)**********************OUT OF STOCK*******************************

    LOFT WALK INSULATION 7mm Polyiso Insulation and 11mm chipboard (4 x 2))**********************OUT OF STOCK*******************************
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