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Multi-Foil Insulation: High Thermal Reflective Membrane Insulation

Use Multi-Foil insulation on top of your rafters to improve the U-value of your house. It can take the place of regular insulation in your attic if you don't have the rafter depth for insulation. Multifoil insulation is a great insulation for maximising your u-value and space.

The products on Multifoil insulation are high-tech multi-layer insulation which can be used to accommodate all levels of the code of sustainable homes i.e. 3,4,5 and 6. It has optimum air barrier properties that can control air movement, making it more energy efficient. Here we offer great deals on genuine SuperFoil and other premium brand multi-foil roof insulators. Our products are designed to boost roof and wall insulation without compromising much space. These products also meet the latest building regulations in Ireland.

We offer amazing deals on all our products. If you are looking for improving your U-value without adding much bulk, shop for multifoil insulators at For more information feel free to give us a call on (057) 9100598.

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    Super Foil 19, Super Foil Multifoil 40, Multi Foil Insulation. Buy Quality, Low cost building materials and insulation products. supplies all building materials to trade and the public at wholesale and trade prices.

    Superfoil multifoil is used under your roofing battens as a roof covering. It is a radiant barrier against heat loss out through the roof. This is very thin but equivalent to roughly 100mm of glasswool insulation.

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