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Platinum insulated plasterboards are made up of EPS insulation with gyproc plasterboard attached. These Platinum insulated plasterboard are a great way to insulate your home. With a zero percent ozone depletion and no harmful gases used in the making of the product it is a great choice to insulate your home. Platinum insulated plasterboard is a very dense Insulation with excellent resilience to moisture and insects.



EPS is exceptionally durable as it does not decompose and is abrasion resistant while also being easy to cut. EPS is unaffected by damp and humidity and the unique properties of EPS will last a life time of your building. 


EPS is extremely lightweight and easy to handle as it is comprised of 98% air. Its lightweight nature ensures that transport costs and fuel emissions are kept to a minimum. With EPS it is just like transporting air with the advantage of being extremely effective in keeping the cold outside and the warmth inside.

Platinum insulated plasterboard.

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