Qualpex 1 Inch Ireland

Qualpex Inserts 1 Inch (25mm)

Qualpex Inserts Ireland

Qualpex Inserts 3/4 Inch (19mm)

Qualpex Inserts Half Inch (12.7mm)

Qualpex Inserts Half Inch (12.7mm) Priced individually Buy online today
€0.35 €0.43
These Qualpex Inserts Half Inch are genuine Qualpex inserts from Pipelife
Should be used with pex pipes and qualpex
Buy Qualpex and Qualpex inserts online today
Qualpex is the top choice for plumbers in Ireland and a highly reliable product
Available in one inch and three quarter inch also
More Information
Article No
UI1435-30 No
UI1436-30 No
UI1434-30 No
EDL-0000 No
GGU-0050 No
GGL-3050 No
GGL-3060 No
Options No
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