Historic Paving Slab Pack Bracken - 1 Square Metre Pack

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  • 6 Slabs Per Pack
  • Covers exactly 1.08 Square Metres
  • Premium grade paving slabs
  • Length : Various Sizes
  • Width : Various Sizes
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  • Pack includes

    1. 1 X 600mm X 450mm X 50mm paving flag 
    2. 1 X 600mm X 300mm X 50mm paving flag 
    3. 1 X 450mm X 450mm X 50mm paving flag
    4. 1 X 450mm X 300mm X 50mm paving flag 
    5. 1 X 300mm X 300mm X 50mm paving flag 


  • These slabs offer vintage style and charm for your garden. They provide the look and feel of natural stone along with the durability. The organic feel lended to them by the soft fettled edges and natural textured riven surface, give a sense of authenticity and a quaint rustic feel.


  • PrimeTop is the high performance feature which differentiates Tobermore from standard concrete paving. Tobermore’s PrimeTop is manufactured with a premium, hard-wearing surface layer which adds significant performance benefits. 
  • Every aspect of our product’s performance is researched and optimised to provide an excellent long-lasting appearance. In respect to the challenge of efflorescence, we have invested in manufacturing technology which enables us to produce virtually efflorescence free paving.

    Efflorescence is perhaps the single biggest problem encountered with decorative concrete paving products. The cause of efflorescence is simply a chemical reaction between the cement in the concrete and rainwater causing the formation of calcium carbonate. This white, crystalline substance stains the surface and spoils the appearance of the paving.

    In the Tobermore manufacturing process, we cure our products in a warm vapour atmosphere for 12 hours, which ensures that efflorescence is dramatically reduced. Moreover, the vapour curing also enhances the colour, improves the strength and cures the products much faster, allowing products to be used almost immediately.

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